What is a Badass Christian?

A Badass Christian is a follower of Christ who does not fully subscribe to the man-made traditions and practices of the modern church, who doesn’t fit the mold of the “typical Christian” and in fact, attempts to break that mold. A Badass Christian loves Christ and believes the basic tenants of the Christian faith, but refuses to hold doctrine, theology or the beliefs of an individual church or denomination as an idol. They do not isolate themselves from the world, but do not completely follow the ways of the world either. They try to truly be in but not of the world, as Christ commands. They value authenticity and are less likely to hide their struggles than previous generations. If you have ever been burned or wounded by the church, this website is for you. If you live in the Christian bubble and abide by its rules and norms, you’re welcome to stay as long as you don’t make a fuss.

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